ESG一日雙塔 ESG 2 Towers a Day

主題:ESG節碳旅遊 Subject: ESG Tours

ESG節碳旅遊是近年興起的旅遊方式,我們規劃了基隆燈塔到富貴角燈塔的一日雙燈塔旅遊,在起點跟終點都有UBike2.0可以租借。對於企業包團,我們提供合約的自行車供遊客們使用。 ESG Tours: Our tour is from Keelung Lighthouse to Cape Fugui Lighthouse using a bike. If you are a group tour, we rent bikes.

早上我們在台北集合,就搭乘巴士到基隆燈塔。經由合格的騎行領團人員們解說自行車操作方式跟安全規則後,開始騎行45公里,加上沿途拍照預計總時間約3小時。 We get tother in the morning. Then we take a bus to the Keelung Lighthouse. We have a bike guide in the front and a tthe back of our bike tour. The trip is about 3 hours.

騎行結束後,我們到附近的春金活海產用午餐。餐後到就地解散/紅樹林捷運站/台北/原地點解散。 After this ride, we have a lunch in the Spring King Seafood Restaurant. We dismiss after the meal in the MRT Hongshulin Station/Taipei Station/same location.

廁所使用:兩邊的燈塔都有無障礙廁所。 WC: accessible toilets are in the beginning and at the end of our tour.

集合地: 台北市或包團約定適合地點 Place to meet: appointed by tourists in Taipei.

遊程天數:半日或一日 Duration: half day or 1 Day



出團人數/最低人數:6人/最多人數:20人 min 6 persons / max 20 persons

售價:$1,700/人 Pirce: $1,700 NTD/person

預計可出團日:周五及周六 Sunday and Saturday

退費規定依旅行業規定 Refund is by the local tourism law.

Snow基隆燈塔 Keelung Lighthosue
Forest富貴角燈塔 Cape Fugui Lighthouse
Snow老梅綠石槽 Laomei Green Reef.
Forest春金活海產 Spring King Seafood Restaurant