Taitung Tree Park + Vakangan 金城武樹+紅葉谷綠能溫泉園區生態遊

主題:ESG節碳旅遊 Subject: ESG Tours

ESG節碳旅遊是近年興起的旅遊方式,我們規劃了台東當地新開的紅葉谷綠能溫泉園區住宿+金城武樹旅遊 ESG Tours: Our tour is in Taitung. We will stay in the Vakangan Hot Spring Park and have a famous tree tour.

早上我們在台北或台東集合,就搭乘火車/巴士到台東。此團的特色在住宿跟享受園區導覽。 We get tother in the morning in Taipei or Taitung. Then we take a train/bus to the Taitung. We enjoy to stay in the Vakangan Hot Spring Park and have a local guide.

此台東行程通常是客製化 This tour is usually customer made.

廁所使用:我們會考慮到無障礙廁所。 WC: accessible toilets will be arranged.

集合地: 台北市或包團約定適合地點 Place to meet: appointed by tourists in Taipei or Taitung.

遊程天數:3日或更多天 Duration: 3 Days or more


午餐:許多地方 Many Places

出團人數/最低人數:2人/最多人數:20人 min 2 persons / max 20 persons

售價:客製化行程 Pirce: customer made tour

預計可出團日:任何(颱風日不出行); 暑假價錢較高 Any day is good to departure; we will consider not to departure if there is a typhoon. Tour price is usually higher in summber.

退費規定依旅行業規定 Refund is by the local tourism law.