Happy Farm Yunlin 雲林農場快樂遊

主題:農場旅遊 Subject: Farm Tours

雲林有許多農場,我們根據當地休閒農業協會的建議,規劃了幾種在地農場旅遊,當地的交通不方便,許多地方的交通需要由旅行社包遊覽車。對於企業包團,我們提供合約的遊覽車供遊客們使用。 Farm Tours: There are many farms in Yuanlin county. According to local farm unions, we provide some tours. It is not convenient to use the mass communications. We suggest tour bus for the tours. We also welcome enterprise tours.

通常早上我們在台北或台中的飯店集合,搭乘遊覽車到雲林縣。沿途我們視情況休息,從台中出發至少需時1小時,從台北出發至少需時4小時。 Usually we meet tourists in the morning; then we take a tour bus to Yunlin county. We will stop by the rest areas to use the toilts. From Taichung, the trip will take at least 1 hour; it will take at least 3 hours if we leave from Taipei.

農場提供幾種旅遊方式:DIY/參訪/植物介紹等 Some activities are provided by the farm tour, such as DIY, environment introduction and guide.

廁所使用:有廁所提供,但是有些農場可能沒有無障礙廁所 accessible toilets are not provided in all farms.

集合地: 台北市或包團約定適合地點 Place to meet: appointed by tourists in Taipei.

遊程天數:一日或數日 Duration: 1 Day or several days


午餐:農場午餐(維野納/林內驛站/林內教芋部/田園秘境果園/林北卡好生活館/達莉農莊) Lunch is in the farm.
行程拜訪2處 Our our visits 2 farms.

出團人數/最低人數:6人/最多人數:20人 min 6 persons / max 20 persons

售價:$3,000/人 Pirce: $3,000 NTD/person (一日遊價錢;one day tour price)

預計可出團日:周五及周六 Sunday and Saturday

退費規定依旅行業規定 Refund is by the local tourism law.

Snow麻糬 Mochi
Forest田園秘境 Secret Farm
Snow林北卡好生活館 Good Community
Forest荷花 Lotus